Public Relations

Homeward bound

For five years I represented the Swedish textile design company BEMZ that develops, produces and sells high-end slipcovers for IKEA furniture, mostly online. Every year BEMZ’s media presence increased subsequently in Germany and the US through my PR work.

The result: During my tenure at BEMZ, the company’s media presence in Germany increased 237% with an ad equivalency of 2 million euros.

Sustainable public relations

When the Freiburg architecture firm Frey Architekten wanted to enter the public realm with its new, sustainable apartment complex, “Heidelberg Village”, I developed a concept to be the first to address its role in the world’s largest passive house settlement in Heidelberg.

The result: an extremely high level of publicity with nearly 104 million readers within six months (CNN,, Fast Company, CladNews, etc.)

Social Media

Social Media – Case studies

The dangers of 15% ethanol
When E15 entered the US market in 2011, an association for outdoor power tools needed a public awareness campaign to warn the public about potential dangers and motor damage associated with using gasoline with higher ethanol content. Together with my US agency partner, we developed a powerful social media campaign, filling Facebook and Twitter with informative content.

The result: millions of end users, association members and dealers were reached and damage to countless engines was prevented.

Children and science
To increase children’s interest in STEM-related topics, my US agency partner created a green superhero to teach children about environmentally related issues. Through a continuous social media campaign, which I helped implement, we were able to reach schools, schoolchildren and their parents through Facebook, Twitter and blog posts with both positive content and a free science curriculum about plants and climate zones.

The result: hundreds of free curriculum downloads.


Shop talk

A good speech shouldn’t put you to sleep, but rather set you on fire. Below are a smattering of my entertaining and informative presentations:

What’s the story? The Art of Storytelling in the 21st Century
Social Media: Welcome to the Jungle
The Power of Slow
Energy Management

“A super presentation,” – Stefanie M.

“Thank you for the entertaining speech!” — Sandra K.

“I laughed from start to finish! Thanks Christine for a delightful presentation!” — Liz M.

“The art of storytelling wonderful demonstrated through the speaker’s storytelling experiences.” Alison S.


Lost in translation

I have been working as a translator since 1992. Whether it’s fiction, academic articles, non-fiction or video subtitles, I build bridges between linguistic worlds. Punctual. Precise. Perfect. 


University of Freiburg
“Christine Hohlbaum is an huge addition to our team. She translates various text genres — from articles about colorful campus life to press releases about complex topics such as biological research — precise, stylistically confident and fast as lightning. What more could I want?”  – Rimma Gerenstein, Office of Public Affairs

Lux Domini von Alex Thomas
“Translating a thriller set in the Vatican has highly technical and special linguistic requirements. Maintaining the voice of the original is far from easy. Yet Christine did. She has surpassed all our expectations when she translated our novel Lux Domini from German to British English. We are happy to recommend her and look forward to future projects.” – Dr. Thomas Roth-Berghofer, Autor im Team Alex Thomas 

AVA International – Autoren- und Verlagsagentur
“As a fast-paced literary agency, we are typically under a lot of time pressure. Christine Hohlbaum has the ability to immediately understand and translate the texts without having to ask questions first. She is precise and fast, an incredible combination!”  –  Roman Hocke, Geschäftsführer, Literaturagentur AVA

Silvia Kuttny-Walser – Verlags- und Autorenberatung, München
“If you entrust Ms. Hohlbaum with a translation into British or American English, you will simply marvel at how quickly and how deeply she delves into a subject, a text and an author’s style. Whether it’s marketing texts, articles. novels or non-fiction books. Also in the name of my clients, I thank her for her incredible competence, reliability and grace!” – Silvia Kuttny-Walser