My beliefs: Stories create the foundation for effective communication.

Stories are as old as mankind. They help give meaning to our lives. Everyone has a story, even if it is not always told. Perhaps because you haven't found the right words to do so. I can help you tell your story. Not only that. People will want to listen. I will find the right words and the right audience. Guaranteed.

Whether it’s a social media campaign, traditional media outreach or key messaging, I develop the right strategy for your situation. My business is built on the principles of engagement, commitment and trust. Let me broadcast your ideas to the people who need to know about you.

My Vita: From New York to beautiful Freiburg

Born in New York, grew up in Virginia and found a home in Europe. I have been working in international PR & marketing since 1999. After a decade in Bavaria, I switched to the other side of Southern Germany. Since 2013 Freiburg has been my home of choice. With university degrees from the United States and Germany, I enjoy a bicultural life as a professional storyteller. No text is too difficult, no story too simple.

In 2004 I started using Social Media. Since then I have conducted public relations on behalf of international clients and try to this day not to spend too much time on Facebook, although I usually do. With both adult children successfully launched, I now live with my life partner in Freiburg.